Braiding Info

Braiding Options

Braiding Color Choices
  • Braids come in 1 or 2 colors from a choice of 19. Add a third color as a "Tie-Off".
Fringe or No Fringe
  • Add Fringe up to 16" or choose No Fringe
Tie-Off Colors
  • Choose one from any of 19 colors
Lever Choices

Color Choices

When ordering products you will be prompted for 2 to 3 color choices (depending on items you are ordering).

The color choices will be as follows:
1.) Braid Color 1
 2.) Braid Color 2
 3.) Tie-off Color (where applicable).

Please Note: Colors shown are actual leather samples, but may not be exact due to your monitor preferences!

Please call for a free set of leather swatches if needed before ordering.

Characteristics of Leather

Only the finest full grain leather is used for all Iron Braid products. All of our leather is dyed and finished exclusively for Iron Braid. As leather is a natural product, it may show various defects arising from the outdoor life of the animal. Scars caused by branches of trees or wire fences, insect bites or wrinkles, all guarantee the genuine nature of the leather. In addition, the skin of an animal is not consistent in thickness. The backside for example, is very thick, whereas the stomach area is much thinner and more flexible. These characteristics result in different degrees of absorption by the dyes, resulting in variations across the leather.

We use automotive type dyes and finishes on all our leather for maximum protection from UV exposure. Shades of colors may vary from dye lots - sample swatches are available.