Ship Your Levers to Us

Ship Your Levers to Us for Braiding!

This item cannot be ordered online, levers need to be shipped to us. Please follow the instructions below.
In just two business days the Original Iron Braid can be yours.* Ship us your levers and discover the comfort, durability and style of Iron Braids patented (US. Pat. #5325737) hand braided lever covers.

Features & Choices:
We use the highest quality leather available, hand braided tight to prevent slipping and twisting.

  • Pick from 19 UV resistant colors.
  • Choose 1 or 2 colors and add a 3rd color as a tie-off for the same price.
  • Add up to 16" of fringe for no additional charge, or have no fringe at all.
    Our 2 day turn around guarantees that your levers will be shipped back within 2 business days after we receive them. *Note: This does not include time in transit.

To Ship Your Levers to Us:

  • Remove levers from bike.
  • Wrap carefully so the levers don't bang together during shipping.
  • Place in a small box or padded envelope with complete instructions including all braiding, fringe, bolo* and color (s) information, form of payment and your return shipping address.
  • *Note.- Bolos can only be added to braids that have fringe.
  • If your order DOES NOT specify WITH or WITHOUT FRINGE we will automatically SEND YOUR LEVERS BACK WITH FRINGE

Part#             Description                        U/M             Price
003               Ship Your Levers To Us    Set             $69.95 + $9.95 Shipping (all NY residents must include sales tax for the county we are shipping to)