Pins and Pin Keepers

IronBraid Collector Pin & Pin Keepers

IronBraid Collector Pin
Wear this logo-to-go proudly. This die cast metal pin with double clasps will hang tough on all your gear.
Yours free with any purchase of $80 or more.

Pin Keepers
Pin Keepers come with 12 collars, 12 set screws, and an Allen wrench for easy installation. No more lost pins! After application, trim pin point for a safe secure attachment. Pin Keepers are the same thing that are also distributed under the names Pin Locks, Pin Guards & SP Grip Locking Pin backs.
Made in USA.

1000 | Iron Braid Collector Pin


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1070 | Iron Braid Pin Keepers


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1071 | Iron Braid Pin Keepers/Pin Combo


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