IronBraid Merchandise

IronBraid Collector Pin & Pin Keepers

IronBraid Collector Pin
Wear this logo-to-go proudly. This die cast metal pin with double clasps will hang tough on all your gear.
Yours free with any purchase of $80 or more.

Pin Keepers
Pin Keepers come with 12 collars, 12 set screws, and an Allen wrench for easy installation. No more lost pins! After application, trim pin point for a safe secure attachment. Pin Keepers are the same thing that are also distributed under the names Pin Locks, Pin Guards & SP Grip Locking Pin backs.
Made in USA.

Iron Braid T-Shirts

Our Grab Life By The Leather T-Shirt is a 505 oz. 100% Cotton T-Shirt is Black and screen printed with Grey and Orange print wih the Iron Braid logo on the stamped on the sleeve. Wear yours proud. Available in sizes Medium thru 2X.

1100 | Iron Braid T-Shirts


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