HID Lighting

HID Lighting for Motorcycles

"Riding at Night has Never been Brighter"

Did you know that lighting is one of the most important safety features on your motorcycle? It's the difference of you being able to see down the road & drivers down the road seeing you. We take lighting seriously. Since we are riders as well, we truly believe in delivering a high quality product that outperforms the competition. Imagine the lights on your motorcycle being 3 times brighter, lasting 3 times longer, and using lesser wattage than your traditional factory bulbs. High Intensity Discharge lighting (H.I.D) is the same technology being used in the new luxury vehicles, except it is now available for your motorcycle.

  • 2 year complete system warranty..
  • Plug 'N Play - Easy to Install.
  • 3x's Brighter & Last Longer than Stock.
  • See deer at a greater distance.
  • Will NOT Void factory Warranty.
  • All componets are Digitial not Analog.
  • Completely Waterproof becuase all componets are sealed and potted.
  • Our Bulbs stay bright and do not discolor or flicker like others.


2010 | Dual Beam, Fits All HD Roadglides ONLY (Uses H4 Bulb) Kit


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2000 | Single Beam, Fits All HD Ultras, Streetglides, Roadkings (Uses H4 Bulb) Kit


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