Helmet Quick Release

Echo Helmet Quick Release

Put safety and convenience first with patented (US. Pat. #4559679) Echo Helmet Quick Release for Your helmet's chin strap. Attaches easily to any helmet no sewing required.

Features & Choices:

  • The metal to metal ECHO design locking feature requires pressure from BOTH sides to release - therefore no accidental openings.     
    The Quick Release EXCEEDS the testing standards of D.O.T. 218, Snell (M2005) and N.I.J. 0104.02.
    Durable body arms stay flexible to MINUS 40 degrees F. Even when wearing gloves, the serrated edges on the body arms are designed to be felt through your gloves allowing easy opening.
    The package provides detailed, easy to follow instructions for proper installation, making it easily assembled to any helmet without special tools or sewing.

    Available in Black.