Eyeglass Holders

About Braided Leather Eyeglass Holders

  • Eyewear straps

Our Braided Leather Eye Glass Holders are made using the same UV Protected Full Grain Leather we use in all our quality made products. The Braided Leather Eye Glass Holders incorporates a round leather braid attached to chrome eyelets and jump rings with eye glass holders in end caps. Eyeglass Holders are 18"s in length. Nobody can compare to the quality of all our leather products or the color choices we have available. There is 20 different Stock Colors for the Braided Leather Eye Glass Holders (see below).

You can have your own Custom Colors by choosing any 2 colors from our choice of 19 (https://www.ironbraid.com/motorcycle-accessories/braiding-info/) All Custom Color Orders require a minimum order of 12 sets and may take 2-4 weeks for production, call for more information.

STOCK COLORS: Solid Black, Black/White, Black/Cream, Black/Gold, Black/Yellow, Black/Orange, Black/Aztec, Black/Red, Black/Fuchsia, Black/Burgundy, Black/Brown, Black/Violet, Black/Blue, Black/Aqua, Black/Turquoise, Black/Silver, Black/Gray, Black/Green, Red/White & Purple/Turquoise.