Dri-Slide Cable Lube

Bike Aid (aka - Dri-Slide) Lubricant

Iron Braid is pleased to introduce Bike Aid ® (also known as Dri-Slide), a multi-purpose lubricant made by Lilly Industries, that coats and protects better than any other commercial substance. Unlike other oil based lubricants, which attract harmful particulates that can cause damage, Bike Aid goes on wet but stays on dry. Made from a naturally occurring ore similar to graphite, Bike Aid (Molybdenum Disulfides or MoS2) is ideal for cables and other key mechanical pivot points. Avoid downtime and replacement costs, by using the first choice of professionals—Bike Aid.

Features & Choices:

  • Bike Aid is a petroleum based liquid medium that can be applied to virtually any surface needing lubrication.
  • Goes on wet but dries to leave a long lasting film that resists wear, water, dirt and other harmful UV elements.                            
  • Because it goes on in liquid form, Bike Aid can penetrate deep down into the smallest spaces.
  • Because Bike Aid is a dry film lubricant, it may be used in extreme environmental conditions.                                                               
  • Withstands pressure up to 100,000 pounds per square inch.
  • Bike Aid can even help restore worn or corroded parts.
  • The perfect lubricant for all general and household uses.
    CAUTION: Bike Aid can stain fabrics.