Custom Braiding

Custom Leather Braiding

  • Custom ironbraid bike
  • Braided windshield
  • Braided spark plug wires-2
  • Braided brake line
  • Braided brake pedal
  • Braided controls
  • Braided frame clutch cable
  • Braided oil lines
  • Braided seat strap-2
  • Custom braiding
  • Braided bolo seat rails
  • Custom mirror stem
  • Custom seat rails
  • Custom shifter kickstand
  • Custom bike-2
  • Custom braided indian
  • Fringe bike
  • Custom Leather Braiding gives you the look that is all yours.

  • Virtually any motorcycle part can be custom braided, from the Handlebars to the Kickstand.
  • This item cannot be ordered online. Ship Us Your Parts.
  • Most jobs take no more than 2-3 business days to complete.
  • Custom Braiding is also available at motorcycle rallies on a limited basis.

Just Follow these Simple Instructions:

  1. If you do not see the part in our photo gallery, call to see if we can braid it.
  2. Prior to removing the part from the motorcycle. Put a piece of tape or mark with a marker the starting point and the ending point, we will braid in between these two points.
  3. Wrap parts carefully so they do not get damaged during shipping.
  4. Place in an appropriate box.
  5. Include all Braiding and Color Information.
  6. Include any Special Instructions.
  7. Include Form of Payment.
  8. Include Your Return Shipping Address., Daytime Phone Number, Email Address.

Part#            Description                  U/M                   Price
1010            Custom Braiding           Per Inch            $7.00

Custom Braiding Goes Beyond Motorcycles

  • Braided low rider
  • Braided-knife
  • Tricycle
  • Steering-wheel
  • Hammer
  • Tow-rope

Beyond Motorcycles - Customizing not limited to motorcycles

Iron Braid can braid just about anything you want wrapped in leather. With 19 color choices the sky is the limit on personalization.

Horse Riding Gear 
Sports Equipment
Steering Wheels
heel Chairs
Dog Collars and Leashes....