Peel and Stick Conchos

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Add style with an accent and enhance the look of your bike with Iron Braid Conchos and Accessories. Iron Braid Concho's look great on saddle bags, coats, vests, chaps, tank panels, fenders, gas tanks and much, much more-use them to cover that gaping hole in your front fender!


Features & Choices:

  • Round Conchos are chrome plated.
  • All Iron Braid Conchos have a heavy duty black leather backing to keep them sturdy.
  • Choose Braided, Fringed or Strapped Conchos, available in 19 different colors, with a choice of one or two colors to mix or match.

Conchos feature the same 3M peel and stick double-sided adhesive used on car body side molding to make application easy.

Do-It-Yourself Concho Accessories

We offer you replacement parts to customize your concho's. You can Replace those cheap tin concho's with our Heavy Duty Die-Cast Chrome Concho's or keep them and change just the leather strips to a 2-tone or single tone from a choice of 19 colors. Choose which style concho leather strips you want Fringed or Strapped. If you want your conchos to have our round braids on them you would need to send us your conchos. they are not a do-it-yourself item due to installation is to complicated. (All Leather strips come with installation instructions.)

There is no need anymore to cut holes in your seat, saddlebags, etc; when you use our Heavy Duty Leather Rosetta Backing which has 3-M's Automotive Emblem Tape adhered to the back, just peel and stick. It sticks to any clean surface, leather, metal, plastic etc;. Great to cover tears in leather and dings in paint.

Note: All leather backings come standard as Black. Our other 19 colors are available as backing by special order.

To Ship Your Conchos To US

Indicate round backing if applicable.

Choose braided, strapped or fringed.

Be sure to indicate your choice of one or two colors from 19.